Bull Riders Can Compete And Win Barrel Racing Events…

 Hoffman: Bull rider Marchi brings home a $100,000 check in victory

“Fallon Taylor of Whitesboro, another former NFR qualifier, is entered in barrel racing. The Santa Rosa Roundup Rodeo is scheduled for Wednesday through Saturday at Vernon’s Santa Rosa Arena. Brett Hoffman…” http://amarillo.com/sports/sports-columnist/2014-05-11/hoffman-bull-rider-marchi-brings-home-100000-check-victory

It’s not so often that those professionals who are engaged in rodeo events such as bull roping become serious championship barrel racing contenders. Brett Hoffman intends to shatter that myth buy turning in some serious times riding on Double T branded Saddles.



The Latest Western Saddlery Gosssip From Texas

So girls we have all agreed that we adore our horses and all of the associated events surrounding rodeo such as barrel racing, roping and reining but there are not so many sites on the net that discuss all things western such as saddles and clothing strictly aimed at us females, after all it was us who started the whole barrel racing phenomenon!

On Sunday I visited our local Boulder City Rodeo which was a real nice event, full of colour for the time of year as far as the floral life goes but we all couldn’t help but notice the beautiful range of western saddlery that the professional barrel racing ladies were riding on as well as those mounted upon horses from which local non competitors had brought with them just to show and parade around for purely asthetic reasons and also to enjoy the overall spectacle of a true western style rodeo, which there’s nothing quite like on its’ day.

For the past 20 years or so, rodeo associated merchandise has often become a much maligned talking point from many female rodeo and barrel race enthusiasts throughout the country as the subject of traditional authenticity vs uniqueness is always an important aspect of every cowgirl’s wardrobe. For sure the usual western attire that we often see at these events can look very similar. For example cowboy and cowgirl shirts have not really changed that much throughout the years and neither have the boot  and pants styles, but this is where the traditional values come into play.

But there’s one very clever aspect of western culture that the marketing gurus companies have grabbed hold of and that’s the tack and saddlery market.

Until very recently as you know, western style saddles just happened to be a functional piece of leather which served for a simple, single purpose and was available in either brown or, well brown. Now, fortunately for we barrel race and show fans there are a great many styles and types of saddle to choose from. One such reputable online company by the name of TexanSaddles.com holds a huge inventory of almost 300 different saddles from Blue River, Showman, Buffalo and Double T, the latter brand becoming extremely popular with a new and exciting range of colourful western saddlery being released almost every month.

Saddle ownership can be a slightly addictive hobby to be fair as I now own 12 different models of Double T and Showman brands and I believe that they provide excellent value and are made from high quality materials. Check out this stunning barrel saddle. this is one of the latest in the summer range 2014 from Double T Saddlery, model 1096 which is available in 14-15 and 16″ seat sizes.

barrel saddleThe small conchos on this particular saddle also have one large matching one at the rear fender either side. The design showing a barrel racer in full flight so to speak is topical and looks fantastic. The two tone colour sheme plus contrasting suede seat adds a special touch to the finished product and what’s more, Texan Saddles deliver completely free during certain seasons so they are definately one company to check out.